Thursday, January 9, 2014

My 10 questions for AAP

I love AAP. I hate AAP. I respect AK. I doubt AK. These are the thoughts that came to my mind in last one month for multiple times.

A person with right mission and vision started his political career with little hopes that they will come to power in a year. It was not the first time that a political party was found by right persons for right reasons- but none of them able to sustain themselves in corrupt political environs of India and finally succumbed. The time and tide was with AK and he came to power and I have no objections that he came to power with the help of Congress. It is very common in politics and expected. So here I am with my doubts about AAP and AK.

1. Now you have come to power and CM of capital, why the same statement again and again that this is government of common people? The word ‘Government’ makes you different from the common people as ‘Govern’ literally means ‘rule or control with authority’ that implies you are the ‘RULER’ and the common man is ‘RULED’. Now you just have to ensure that there is minimal difference between ‘RULER’ and ‘RULED’. So it is time that you better start accepting that you are above the so-called Common People. 

2. Why the need of swearing by your children? You should not bring your family or kids in your professional life- a big mistake for an experienced professional like you. You just need to be honest and bring weight to your words. ‘Swears’ are for weak persons. 

3. Why there is so hurry in fulfilling your pre-election promises? I would have respected your decision if it had come after series of inspections, investigations and mind-boggling analyses. You were a common man all your life till you became CM, so you would have known the thought process of common man that they were not going to defy you for not fulfilling your promises in the said time for few logical reasons. I think you should accept that you have done all this not for common man but for your political rivals so that you can challenge them in near future.

4. Good that you have achieved astonishing victory in just a year but does it make you eligible for boasting every now and then about yourself & your honesty and downsizing your rivals? It would be appreciated by all if you and your party have learnt to remain mum on rivals and instead focused on your work. Everyone knows that ‘Acts speak louder than Words’. I agree that your birth and rise as a political party is different but you have to be like that forever and that would only be the success mantra for your future. Instead you are seen blaming and challenging every now then on behest of support of common man.

5. No one has objections for official privileges a person gets on achieving an office; the problem is your repeated claims being a common man. A common man qualifies for IAS, IPS or IRS and he is eligible for few official privileges by virtue of his post- now you are forcing such persons that they should not accept privileges if they want to be a common man. Don’t I sound logical? The same case applies to you as you have qualified for the post of CM and you are entitled for all these- few official privileges doesn’t make you different from common man; it is just the willingness or attitude of yours that will matter. 

6. Can anyone from AAP define in simple words that what actually common man is in terms of their policies? I am salaried person and earns sufficient enough to maintain an appreciable lifestyle- car, costly gadgets, branded apparels etc. - am I eligible to be a common man? My neighbor in my hometown is earning enough to suffice his family but cannot maintain all those luxuries- is he a common man? A person earning his life on footpath- is he common man? If you claim that all three are common man, I will negate it because it can never be the case. So better come with clear definition of a common man so that I can identify myself that whether I am part of you or not?

7. I am confident that AK is honest person and so many others in his party and around him. And that is the reason he came to power in such a short time but how will you ensure that party will remain honest forever? No politician is born corrupt, greedy or dishonest; only the situation and power made them the way they are. What you think of Mulayam Singh, Kalyan Singh, Mayawati, Laloo Prasad etc., were they not honest and common man when they joined politics? 

8. Every day a famous personality is joining AAP but everyone has its own motive. Let us see from my views- Meera Sanyal, Capt Gopinath, Mallika Sarabhai etc. have political ambitions for honest politics and have unsuccessfully contested in previous elections. Now they will have an honest party to support them so definitely they will have a better chance this time. These were the cases of honest persons but there will be many experienced politicians in future who will join AAP just because their own party may not give tickets to them. Now AAP has to decide that whether you will bank upon an experienced dishonest politician or go with their image of honesty with some other unknown and honest face with less winning chances. 

9. A typical Indian leader is recognized by Khaddar clothes and you are recognized by AAP caps, so does it make any difference between you and others? Why there is a need of wearing your policies & claims of being a common man on your head? Is it necessary for a common man (as you claim being a part of it) to wear an identity proof for being a common man- are his acts, looks or behaviors are not sufficient enough?

10. I know that you have a huge team to maintain your multiple Facebook pages and Twitter handles, but what about the Indians who don’t have the access or willingness to connect with you on social media? Those people are more concerned on what media shows or tells them. I have access to your Facebook page but still I would prefer your Report Card to be read out by a third person. You will be the last person I will heed upon to. So be vigil, active and effective in a way that your rivals too appreciate you instead of endlessly claiming your small achievements- let others speak on your behalf.

A ‘Common Man’ in confused status of commonness

PS: Dear AAP, you are right persons in wrong arena. Force the arena to adapt you instead of you adapting as per the arena!!!

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