Thursday, January 9, 2014

My 10 questions for AAP

I love AAP. I hate AAP. I respect AK. I doubt AK. These are the thoughts that came to my mind in last one month for multiple times.

A person with right mission and vision started his political career with little hopes that they will come to power in a year. It was not the first time that a political party was found by right persons for right reasons- but none of them able to sustain themselves in corrupt political environs of India and finally succumbed. The time and tide was with AK and he came to power and I have no objections that he came to power with the help of Congress. It is very common in politics and expected. So here I am with my doubts about AAP and AK.

1. Now you have come to power and CM of capital, why the same statement again and again that this is government of common people? The word ‘Government’ makes you different from the common people as ‘Govern’ literally means ‘rule or control with authority’ that implies you are the ‘RULER’ and the common man is ‘RULED’. Now you just have to ensure that there is minimal difference between ‘RULER’ and ‘RULED’. So it is time that you better start accepting that you are above the so-called Common People. 

2. Why the need of swearing by your children? You should not bring your family or kids in your professional life- a big mistake for an experienced professional like you. You just need to be honest and bring weight to your words. ‘Swears’ are for weak persons. 

3. Why there is so hurry in fulfilling your pre-election promises? I would have respected your decision if it had come after series of inspections, investigations and mind-boggling analyses. You were a common man all your life till you became CM, so you would have known the thought process of common man that they were not going to defy you for not fulfilling your promises in the said time for few logical reasons. I think you should accept that you have done all this not for common man but for your political rivals so that you can challenge them in near future.

4. Good that you have achieved astonishing victory in just a year but does it make you eligible for boasting every now and then about yourself & your honesty and downsizing your rivals? It would be appreciated by all if you and your party have learnt to remain mum on rivals and instead focused on your work. Everyone knows that ‘Acts speak louder than Words’. I agree that your birth and rise as a political party is different but you have to be like that forever and that would only be the success mantra for your future. Instead you are seen blaming and challenging every now then on behest of support of common man.

5. No one has objections for official privileges a person gets on achieving an office; the problem is your repeated claims being a common man. A common man qualifies for IAS, IPS or IRS and he is eligible for few official privileges by virtue of his post- now you are forcing such persons that they should not accept privileges if they want to be a common man. Don’t I sound logical? The same case applies to you as you have qualified for the post of CM and you are entitled for all these- few official privileges doesn’t make you different from common man; it is just the willingness or attitude of yours that will matter. 

6. Can anyone from AAP define in simple words that what actually common man is in terms of their policies? I am salaried person and earns sufficient enough to maintain an appreciable lifestyle- car, costly gadgets, branded apparels etc. - am I eligible to be a common man? My neighbor in my hometown is earning enough to suffice his family but cannot maintain all those luxuries- is he a common man? A person earning his life on footpath- is he common man? If you claim that all three are common man, I will negate it because it can never be the case. So better come with clear definition of a common man so that I can identify myself that whether I am part of you or not?

7. I am confident that AK is honest person and so many others in his party and around him. And that is the reason he came to power in such a short time but how will you ensure that party will remain honest forever? No politician is born corrupt, greedy or dishonest; only the situation and power made them the way they are. What you think of Mulayam Singh, Kalyan Singh, Mayawati, Laloo Prasad etc., were they not honest and common man when they joined politics? 

8. Every day a famous personality is joining AAP but everyone has its own motive. Let us see from my views- Meera Sanyal, Capt Gopinath, Mallika Sarabhai etc. have political ambitions for honest politics and have unsuccessfully contested in previous elections. Now they will have an honest party to support them so definitely they will have a better chance this time. These were the cases of honest persons but there will be many experienced politicians in future who will join AAP just because their own party may not give tickets to them. Now AAP has to decide that whether you will bank upon an experienced dishonest politician or go with their image of honesty with some other unknown and honest face with less winning chances. 

9. A typical Indian leader is recognized by Khaddar clothes and you are recognized by AAP caps, so does it make any difference between you and others? Why there is a need of wearing your policies & claims of being a common man on your head? Is it necessary for a common man (as you claim being a part of it) to wear an identity proof for being a common man- are his acts, looks or behaviors are not sufficient enough?

10. I know that you have a huge team to maintain your multiple Facebook pages and Twitter handles, but what about the Indians who don’t have the access or willingness to connect with you on social media? Those people are more concerned on what media shows or tells them. I have access to your Facebook page but still I would prefer your Report Card to be read out by a third person. You will be the last person I will heed upon to. So be vigil, active and effective in a way that your rivals too appreciate you instead of endlessly claiming your small achievements- let others speak on your behalf.

A ‘Common Man’ in confused status of commonness

PS: Dear AAP, you are right persons in wrong arena. Force the arena to adapt you instead of you adapting as per the arena!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

GOD People

In recent times I have noticed many people who pretend to know everything. Specifically there is a person who has faced every situation faced by any other person in this universe and he has knowledge about every possible topic of this universe.

Initially I took it very lightly and ignored his nose in all the talks and discussions but when these things continued I started getting irritated. I am so fed up of that person that I am back to writing blog after a long gap of almost 6 months. Initially I thought that what these types of persons should be called.

Since childhood I have come across phrases- God is great, God is omnipresent, God knows everything etc. So these persons seem very similar to the qualities of God so I thought of a dividing this world in two categories (with respect to the knowledge): Common People and God People.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Day

We’re all set for New Year’s Eve, excited and eager to bid good bye and welcome the New Year in a way as grand as possible. But do we ever remember to say thanks to the present year? A year that was...365 days that were....

The New Year is important, we know it. But the last day is important as well. With this post I intend to share my views about the importance of last day.

Every measure of time brings with it the “Present” sandwiched between the “Past” and the “Future”. As we step into the present to move into the future, we must also thank the past, coz that has made us what we are today. Today exists only because of yesterday. The last day may seem like a saddening concept but it is not so when seen with a positive perspective.

I can still remember the last day in my school. It was end of my school life. It was end of my childish behaviour. It was end of my kiddish activities. But with that last day I stepped into the threshold of maturity. I was about to enter college life, ready to take more responsibilities, to embark upon a new journey where I would shape my career. I was about to face the real world. And all this was because of this last day. Surely I was leaving many things behind- familiar faces, the environment I had taken for granted, the care and love which childhood brings with it. It seemed like a great loss to me indeed, but there was a whole new world to explore and much more in store to gain.

Thank you to my Alma Mater for preparing me for the journey ahead.

The last day in my college. It meant much more than just the last day of college. It meant end of my regular classroom studies. No more teachers. No more classes. No more bunking. No more canteen. No more exams. No more proxies. Yes, I was sad on that day. But had it not been for that last day, I would not be where I am. It led me into the real life. A practical life was about to start. It was a transition from a dependant to an independent individual. I was about to gain status. I was about to be known by my name. This Last Day was as important as any other Last Day.

There are many last days that I have faced in past and there will be many more in future. Few depend on the occasion and few are recurring.

There is a last day in every week, every month, every year, every decade and so on….

We are about to enter a new year, leaving behind the old one. Think of all the Last Days in the year that’s gone by and be thankful for them. Each is important in its own way and no one knows it better than us ourselves.

Let’s move into the New Year but not without thanking the year that was...the “Last Days” that were.....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Deodorant People vs Perfume People

Fragrances attract me from a very early age. I inherited this from my mother whose days were incomplete without ‘attar’ (non-alcoholic fragrance). So, when I came to my senses, I made it a point to apply perfume on a regular basis. During my school days, perfumes formed a major share of my expenditure. Then, somehow as college life started, I was drawn more towards deodorants than perfumes.

During my engineering days, my friends used to tease me because of the habit of using deodorant daily. These were friends who used deodorants occasionally, like for a party or get-together. I often clarified that I use deodorant to remove my body odor, and not as a perfume.

Now, I’ve almost forgotten how once upon a time I used to “love” perfumes. In fact, it’s been decade since I last purchased a perfume!

In one of those blank-staring reflection sessions of mine, a thought flashed into my mind that a certain class of people in this world are also divided into two categories- Perfume People & Deodorant People. And I felt at ease that as per my logic, I belong to the latter classification. Let me try to share the basic difference of these two categories.

Perfume People: They attract you at the very first sight. They seem to be the best persons on the earth. But in reality they may have some not-so-good qualities which they always hide behind a facade. Likewise, with a perfume. Perfumes are applied on clothes and add on to our personality by way of an additional super-attractive fragrance. It does not tackle the odour but just tries to overpower it by good fragrance. Once that fragrance ends or when the clothes are changed, you get to smell the real person.

Deodorant people: They may seem unexceptional and may not attract you at the very first sight. But as you get to know them, they are usually a different personality altogether. Their main motive is to remove their bad qualities and they are never concerned about garnishing themselves for show-off. They always start their day with hope of being fresh and energetic till the end of the day. And this is not done for others, but to basically make themselves feel good. Exactly how the deodorant works.

It’s upto you to decide now whether you are a Perfume person or a Deodorant person. Think about it…

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pyaar ke Side effects

Two days back I discussed with you the love and its aftereffects on today's youth (Pyaar ka Punchnaama). In this post I am going to discuss love again but this love is not of youth, it is the love of matured persons. In gist, I would say that love is not only blind; it is powerful enough to control all your senses irrespective of your maturity level.

I would like to share story of one of my friend. He was a very jolly person and used to enjoy the life. There was no place of commitment or relation in his life. Life was smiling at him till he joined his job. There he got attracted towards a lady who was 10yrs elder than him and was working at senior position. She was very mature and never initiated anything with my friend. But the infatuation wins and after many efforts they both befriended and gradually the love affair started. The lady was not at all in favor of having an affair with a younger person but as I said that love can do anything and she also accepted the relation.

They are having relation for last three years but the real problem arises when the parents of my friend asked him to marry. In normal course, two mature persons loving each other can easily marry. But here nothing was normal. There were two major differences: religion and age. My friend is not ready to accept any other girl in his life, as he really loves that lady. He has a genuine logic that I can't betray two persons in my life- the existing girlfriend and his would be wife.

I have no answers for his logics but the reality is more frightening. He is the only son of his parents (his father is retired person) and like all Indian parents they too are expecting a daughter-in-law who fulfills all the set standards and customs of the prevailing society.

With all my random philosophies on love and relationships, I tried to make him understand that it would be injustice to his parents if he chooses that lady out of his parent's wishes. He is from a conventional background so religion will definitely be an issue but still it can be overlooked but age factor cannot be ignored easily. As of now, my friend just doesn't want to discuss anything regarding marriage but I don't know till when?

I think that marriage is not at all the fate of love. Love is strong enough to exist and survive on it's own.Why to bound a relation that is free in nature? I know that he has committed a big mistake by initiating that relation but should he continue living his life like that or follow a different path.

At present he is a totally lost person and busy in his own life. We used to talk almost every week, now it's months and there is no news, as he know that I will always try to persuade him to agree to his parents wishes. I don't know what will be the end of this love story. I am asking your views on it.

What would you suggest to my friend? Whom to chose- love or responsibilities?

I would like to request all the readers of this post that please think ten times before committing to a relation else the side effects would be so horrible that you might have never thought. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pyaar ka Punchnaama

Love is among the very few things in this world that can make a person most happy as well as most unhappy. But I have one doubt that if love is always considered above the lust, then why love makes a person unhappy? I just thought over this question and randomly tried to conclude some random thoughts.

I tried to analyze most of the love stories (Important: MOST, not ALL) happening in today's world. Nowadays a partner is considered a status symbol, it is just like car, mobile etc. A person considers him/her in the list of have-nots till s/he has a partner.

I remember a recent incident when I was in a McD in Mumbai. A group of four youngsters (two girls & two boys) were sitting near my table. They might have hardly crossed their 15th birthday. All were having blackberries and were wearing latest trendy clothes. I didn't hear a single Hindi word from their mouth. Their every phrase was starting with a F-word. They were kissing each other as if they were in their bedrooms. I felt myself very backward at that moment. I was just wondering at their every action. I keep staring till the time they were there.

At that moment it seems that they were enjoying their life the most. But would they be able to maintain the same liveliness and youthfulness in them till the end. I don't think so.

Nowadays youths don't love for themselves, they love for FaceBook. Their every snap is taken with a view point to upload on some or other social sites- sometimes to show off and sometimes to make other jealous. I think you remember the recent suicide incident by an IIM student who hanged herself after her boyfriend changed his relationship status.

The youth of today start up their affair with the thought of 'iss pal ki soch'. Girl/ boyfriend is just a time pass for them or even they are serious they don't ever think about their future. I have talked to many persons in love and they all will say the same things: " Nothing is serious between us. We love each other and are enjoying our life. We know that we can't marry but that doesn't matter to us. Blah. Blah. "

But they are not aware of the effect of love. They never know when they will become serious in their time pass affair. There are two consequences of that relation. Either they will rebel from their families or one of them will be totally heart broken. That momentary love and enjoyment will end in lifetime pain.

I will only request one thing to today's generation that think for a moment about the future of your relation. If it's positive, go ahead. If not, then wait for the right person; s/he will surely meet you at the right time. Don't hurry, it will only give you worry.

Just remember- Love can be the most beautiful thing happened in your life if you act judiciously.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Life means to you?

A blind boy was sitting on the footpath holding a sign- "I am blind, please help."

There were hardly few coins in the hat as nobody bothered that a boy is blind.

A person passed through that place, put some coins in front of him. Then took the signboard from him, turned it around and wrote something. He gave the board back in the boy's hand.

Soon the hat began to fill up as more and more people were giving money to the blind boy.

In that afternoon, that man came back to see the changes and the boy recognized his footsteps and asked him, "What did you write?"

The man said, I just wrote the truth and convey the same thing as you were trying to convey but in a different way.

"I wrote: 'Today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it.'"

Both signs were similar in meaning but the first simply said that the boy is blind. The second sign told passersby that they were so blessed by God that they were not blind.

This was a story I read somewhere. There is one more similar real life story.

If you are fond of reality shows and had ever seen Dance India Dance aired on Zee TV, you might have seen the performance of 'Kamlesh Bhai' from Vadodara. He is physically handicap and couldn't walk on his legs. He is totally dependant on his hands for movement. His legs got polio and are totally lifeless. But despite all this, he is such a wonderful dancer that all were amazed to see his performance. Though he has only two hands for doing all the dance movements but that were enough to mesmerize the crowd.

Be thankful to almighty GOD for what you have.
Be creative. Be innovative.
Think differently and positively. Just be optimistic.
When life gives you ten reasons to cry, show life that you have hundred reasons to smile.

Do remember:

Life is not about what you have.
It's about what you value and appreciate.

Life is not about what you are born with.
It's about what you do with what you have.

Life is not about crying over past.
It's about smiles to welcome the future.

Life is not about the gifts you received.
It's about the gifts you gave others.
Life is not about cribbing.
It's about thanking GOD for showing this universe.

So what life means to you?
Just share your views on life in two lines in the similar way I tried to do.